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    PSIL: Engineering specialist solutions

    Process Systems International Limited is a leading specialist in bespoke pump design for the global energy industry with an enviable reputation for quality and longevity.


  • Oil & Gas industry

    With a wealth of experience in onshore and offshore API Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries, PSIL delivers engineered design solutions for the most difficult conditions and arduous applications.


  • Hazardous Chemicals

    Hazardous chemicals

    Experienced suppliers of equipment to the chemical and heavy chemicals industries, PSI’s skill and innovation in manufacturing methods, techniques and materials allow them to meet the materials requirements of even the most demanding applications.


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    Industry leaders in the design and manufacture of bespoke pump technology. Meeting the needs of specific and stringent requirements, each of PSIL’s horizontal and vertical pumps have a design life standard of 25 years.



Process Systems International Ltd: Engineering specialist solutions for Energy and Chemical Processing


As one of the leading bespoke pump design specialists, Process Systems International Limited (PSIL) delivers bespoke units to the international oil and gas exploration and production and hazardous chemical sectors.


Certified to ISO 9001/2008 standard, PSIL’s products are built to meet the most exacting QA/QC & HSE requirements of operators, and their assets, in every global region.


With a minimum design-life standard of 25 years, PSIL’s technology improves efficiency while reducing costs — mitigating the need for regular and expensive refurbishment and replacement programmes by delivering equipment which will stand the test of time.


PSIL provides high quality engineered solutions for
  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas
  • Heavy chemical and petrochemical
  • Molten sulphur, salts and metals
  • Metal picking and treatment
  • Phosphorous, titanium tetrachloride and dioxide
  • Fertilizers

Creating bespoke solutions is a key part of the PSIL service — products tailored to clients’ exact requirements deliver greater productivity, efficiency and longevity than other mass-produced standard items on the market.


Our vastly-experienced engineering team has delivered high-specification pumps to oil and gas, chemicals and mining operators and contractors worldwide — and is ready to take on the challenge of meeting your business’ needs.


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